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Wednesday, October 18th, 2017
8:17 am
Paperback “The Draft Contract” by Polina Shinkina
“The Draft Contract” is a one-topic textbook from the series of the textbooks related to discussion of different aspects of business contract terms in the Chinese language. The textbook contains a number of useful phrases and words which might be used in the process of business negotiations.

The main purpose of this textbook is developing speaking skills by means of studying general questions. The skill of asking questions is very important in business talks with the Chinese trading partners as well as in business correspondence.

The grammar of this textbook presents different types of general questions, such as general questions with modal verbs and alternative questions. Each exercise includes one type of question and it makes the study process comfortable and easy to memorize.


Tags: Chinese, mandarin, business, trading, marketing, commercial, paperback, textbook, eBook, contract, dictionary, character, radicals, correspondence, decomposition, skills, speaking, writing, language, talks, negotiations, multiplication, number, subtraction, terms, division, alternative, discussion, question, quotation, addition, memorize
Wednesday, August 9th, 2017
8:50 am
汉字分解。 Decomposition of the Chinese Radical 長 cháng, ‘long’
一 yī, one,
丨 gǔn, line,
二 èr, two,
衣 yī, clothing (without丶 zhǔ dot),
一 yī, one,
匚 fāng, right open box,
一 yī, one,
丿 piě, slash,

長一 丨 二 衣 一 匚 一 丿

Chinese, Character, Breakdown, Decomposition, Analysis, Strokes, Language, Dictionary, Textbook, Break Down, Split, Analyze, Decompose, Learn, Memorize, Broken Down

More information: http://www.lulu.com/content/e-book/the-chinese-character-decomposition-guidance/18847104 and http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/polina985
Saturday, April 22nd, 2017
6:21 am
汉字分解。 Decomposition of the Chinese Character 啡 fēi ‘syllable [fei]’
口 kǒu mouth,
冂 jiōng down box,
一 yī one,
非 fēi wrong,
三 sān three,
一 yī one,
二 èr two,
丨 gǔn line,

口冂 一非三一二 丨

Chinese, Character, Breakdown, Decomposition, Analysis, Strokes, Language, Dictionary, Textbook, Break Down, Split, Analyze, Decompose, Learn, Memorize, Broken Down

More information: http://www.lulu.com/content/e-book/the-chinese-character-decomposition-guidance/18847104 and http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/polina985
Sunday, February 19th, 2017
8:46 am
Analytical Habits and Split Practice
The Chinese character decomposition is not as difficult as it might seem. The major obstacle that the Chinese language learners come across is the lack of analytical habits, Chinese characters split practice.

The Chinese characters decomposition is very simple, the learner has to understand the Chinese characters breakdown process and its sequence.

Once the Chinese character is analyzed and understood it will be easily memorized and the learner will not have to spend hours writing it for memorization.

The simplicity of the Chinese character structural analysis you can see here:

Decomposition of the Chinese character 千 qiān ‘thousand’:

千 qiān thousand
丿 piě slash
十 shí ten
一 yī one
丨 gǔn line

千 丿 十 一 丨

If you analyse a couple of the Chinese characters more you will like this process and realize how the Chinese characters are simple indeed.

More about Chinese character decomposition you can check 'The Chinese Character Decomposition Guidance' by Polina Shinkina
http://www.lulu.com/content/e-book/the-chinese-character-decomposition-guidance/18847104 and http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/polina985
Sunday, December 18th, 2016
7:17 am
Chinese character decomposition
Decomposition of the Chinese character xiǎo small:

xiǎo small
jué hook
bā eight

More information and guidelines on decomposition you can find in The Chinese Character Decomposition Guidance

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010
8:09 pm
Doing extra classes on HECS
I'm going to uni to ask about this tomorrow, but I figure no harm in asking the comm now.

I have 25 points = 2 classes left on my Law part of my degree. Does anyone know if it's possible to do extra points/classes on HECS?
Tuesday, June 1st, 2010
12:29 pm
Competition for those who know the Law
The International Contest of Young Lawyers “Precedent” is an on-line activity for students and young professionals. It's a bilingual contest where you can send the work in English or Russian.
It’s main goal is to give young lawyers and students a place to share opinions and try their skills. At the same time practicing lawyers and the one who is just interested in jurisprudence may participate.
There are two spheres where the participant may choose a case to resolve - intellectual property and private international law. Here’s the list of cases.
You can vote for the works and comment! Here are the approved solutions.
The Contest is held till 21 of June 2010. You can send a work up to June 15.

Prizes for the winners are granted!
Participate and tell your friends and classmates!
Monday, February 22nd, 2010
12:20 am
bookshop voucher for sale
I have a $99.50 Melbourne Uni bookshop voucher, and now that I'm starting research postgrad I won't be needing lecture notes or textbooks anymore (and I don't really buy other books/CDs/DVDs/stationery there). If anyone wants it, I'll sell it for $95? Expires July, so you should be able to get texts/notes for both first and second semesters if your first semester books are cheap. Also useful if you're a student union member since you get 15% off pretty much everything but lecture notes. shamelessly crossposted from my journal. :)
Saturday, October 31st, 2009
11:55 am
Crazy question: I'm a third-year student entering my last semester next year. I demonstrate remarkable capability in a writing discipline in the Faculty of Arts. There's a 4th year class in this discipline I want to take - a literary appreciation, not a writing subject - is it at all possible to get special permission to take the class?

It's not offered at 3rd year, only 4th. I've asked the subject's coordinator, and he says I should contact the school of C+C directly.

Do I have a flying chance in hell?
Monday, September 7th, 2009
12:15 pm
I'm an American doing my MA in New Zealand. I'd like to stay in this half of the world after I graduate, and there is a prof at Uni Melb who matches my interests perfectly. Last week my husband and I visited Melbourne to see if it was a place we would like to live for three years, and to check out the campus. We came away a bit concerned. I felt, hmmm, less than welcomed by the staff. I wrote the International Office before I came to ask if there was a campus tour or anything else potential students usually do when they visit the uni. They said, no, just go by the International Office if you want to. So I went by the International office and told them I was thinking about doing my PhD there and wanted to find out what the International office does. The girl there looked at me basically like she was wondering why I was there and why I was interrupting her day. She awkwardly handed me a graduate prospectus and sent me on my way. Okay. So, I decide to go check out the department I would be in -- not to bug anybody there, but just to have a look around and get a feel for the place. I go into Faculty of Arts, and I see a place where students can ask questions, so I go up and ask where I can find the politics department. They look at me like I am asking a bizarre question, ask me why I want to know, and when I tell them my intentions, they tell me that they are busy in the politics department and wouldn't want to talk to me anyway. WTH? Like I said, I wasn't planning on bugging anyone, just wanted to have a look around.

This kind of treatment continued throughout my little visit -- I was pretty much ignored at the "Future Students" office, and after that I was pretty much disillusioned.  Maybe I have just gotten used to how things are in New Zealand, but I have to say I expected people to be a lot more friendly. It seemed the overall attitude of people in service positions (in general, not just at the Uni) was "you are bothering me, I will give you the minimum amount of information to make you leave me alone." I certainly don't need the red carpet laid at my feet, but it would be nice to be treated with some measure of kindness and welcome, especially as a potential student.

Is this normal, or did I commit some horrible faux pas without knowing it? :O 
Thursday, February 26th, 2009
9:15 pm
me again....= = ''''
heehee me again =)  for those who have done Chemistry 1, do you guys really need the Chemical Principles text book? is it worth buying?
Wednesday, February 25th, 2009
6:51 pm
People who do pracs in science...?
For those who are in second or third year science or people who just know how to answer my question, during pracs, have they already allocated us into certain groups to work on experiments, or do you just join up a group yourself? Because I really want to join another prac group at an earlier time but I can't change my current time D:< (and i don't think the teachers keep a role of us anyway, so hopefully i can slip in...)
Tuesday, November 25th, 2008
5:27 am
International Students
Better have good genetics if you want to remain in Australia.
A German-born doctor, who's been practising in Australia for two years, is being forced to leave the country because his son has Down Syndrome. Bernhard Moeller, the only specialist doctor at a rural town in Victoria, has been denied permanent residency due to his son's condition.

* 'They just used me': Dr Moeller and his wife are furious

full article:
Sunday, November 9th, 2008
8:34 pm
Uni career and employment services
Hello everyone! I'm new to the community and am planning on going to Melb next year as an international student in science, and hope you guys can give me some opinions regarding the value of the university career service.

Since I'd like to work in Australia in science after graduation, I need to determine how feasible that goal will be (with a PR visa) and what kind of assistance Melbourne uni will provide me in finding employment. I know from experience some universities are very proactive in helping their students obtain employment and internships, and others are pretty much worthless.

So far the Career and Employment services department has been vague and rushed in their responses to my inquiries. Their "find a job section" is restricted so that even though I'm admitted and now a future student, I'm unable to see it to gauge what the job situation and level of university job assistance is like. The career services people have been coy about the amount of opportunities available and what kind of support they provide their students.

I'd appreciate if any of you guys could share your experience regarding how helpful Melb Career Services was in your job search, particularly for an international student. I'm wary of spending a lot of time and money for a degree at Melb if in the end I can't get a job. :( Thanks!
Monday, August 18th, 2008
7:20 pm
do you know this person?
Hi guys,

At 6.20pm today, my car was parked in Tin Alley outside the sports centre. My husband was sitting inside the car waiting for me to finish my gym class. The car in front of him reversed into my car. When my husband got out to get the driver's details, she made a U-turn and just drove off.

I know this is a long shot, but if you know who this person is, please contact me at skywriter AT hotmail DOT com. We only have sketchy details, it was a dark red Ford(?) and the driver was a blonde female who'd probably just left the gym. License plate possibly has the numbers 675.

Many thanks!!

x-posted to melbournemaniac
10:03 am
High scores in uni

Is anyone here doing vet science and they got transfered after first year of science last year? Cause I really want to know how hard it is to get an average of 85% in uni, and apparently I've heard that it's really hard to get a high score >< Even with Environments it sounds like it's hard to even get an average of 65% to be picked for the Architecture masters program (and not to mention the competition...)  Which also prompts me to ask how much do you have to study in order to get a high score. Thanks!

Current Mood: anxious
Thursday, August 7th, 2008
11:55 pm
Hi all,

I have a Melb Uni gym membership I would like to get rid of. I signed up in a mini fitness craze and once the novelty wore off (took all of two weeks), it's now just another reminder of my EPIC FAIL.

Access is for pool/all classes/gym etc. Good facilities and lots of It's an off-peak membership so only can be used before 3pm on weekdays, but can be used freely during the weekends. Also comes with a private locker to house smelly gym socks and the like. View it as your key to the land of body odour and camel toe.

Valid until 9/04/09. Plenty of time to shape up (or, as in my case, feed yourself false hope).


(cost is $600 RRP, I'm asking for $200 and there's more than half a year left!)
Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008
6:17 pm
Hello (^^)
Hello, everyone! I'm not studying in Melbourne Uni yet, haha.. but I'm thinking of studying there next year tho ^^ I'm interested in doing Science and majoring to do Vet Science or Environments majoring Architecture, so i'm wondering for those students who are doing that at the moment, what they're currently doing and if they're enjoying it much, so i could get an idea of it.

Thank you!
Wednesday, March 26th, 2008
10:20 pm
Hi everyone, I just joined this community, coz I'm too scared to join the MU blogs, haha.
Bit of info about myself, first..
My name is Nimet, friends call me Nim/Nims. I'm a first year in BA. You can see my subjects, interests etc on my userinfo page.

I wanna see how many people are alive in here, so comment telling me a bit about yourself and what course+subjects you're doing. I've made no friends at MU yet, but maybe we can be friends.. >_> lol

Current Mood: bouncy
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