lymonoxy (lymonoxy) wrote in uni_melb,

Uni career and employment services

Hello everyone! I'm new to the community and am planning on going to Melb next year as an international student in science, and hope you guys can give me some opinions regarding the value of the university career service.

Since I'd like to work in Australia in science after graduation, I need to determine how feasible that goal will be (with a PR visa) and what kind of assistance Melbourne uni will provide me in finding employment. I know from experience some universities are very proactive in helping their students obtain employment and internships, and others are pretty much worthless.

So far the Career and Employment services department has been vague and rushed in their responses to my inquiries. Their "find a job section" is restricted so that even though I'm admitted and now a future student, I'm unable to see it to gauge what the job situation and level of university job assistance is like. The career services people have been coy about the amount of opportunities available and what kind of support they provide their students.

I'd appreciate if any of you guys could share your experience regarding how helpful Melb Career Services was in your job search, particularly for an international student. I'm wary of spending a lot of time and money for a degree at Melb if in the end I can't get a job. :( Thanks!
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